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Rotometal - sheet metal cutting and bending, welding, machining, metal cleaning

Rotometal d.o.o. is a family company founded year 1987. with foundation in reputable craftsmanship of Samobor area. Settled on cultivated slopes of Samobor hills the company draws its vitality from traditional hard working people from the area. Large number of workshops and industrial facilities in the area provide access to source of high quality expert workers. Those circumstances gave us the possibility to gather and form an efficient team, from engineers and technicians to qualified workers, which with great success solve all different requests from our business partners.

Today, in year 2012. we employ 30 people who combine experience and modern technology to achieve best results in each of our production domains. Our quality of production is additionally confirmed with ISO 9001 certificate.

Rotometal ISO certificate 9001 - DNV

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